Rekka kindlustus

Insurance services

CMR insurance

All vehicles of Koroter Oü are covered by CMR and other necessary types of insurance in compliance with the CMR convention.

You are not bound to pay extra for CMR insurance. CMR convention of the international carriage regulates the relations between the parties of the international carriage contract – cargo sender, carrier, receiver in regard with cargo shipment from seller to buyer.

For road transport the carrier’s liability is limited to 8.33 SDR, i.e. approx. 9.6€ per gross kilogram. The carrier’s liability only starts when the carrier is guilty of damage.

If the value of your dispatches exceed the liability limits, and you want additional insurance, then it is worth ordering broad covering for cargo against all risks ICC (A).

Koroter mediates cargo insurance for you, however, the parties to insurance contract will be a client and insurance firm.

I received an overview of your insurance and additional insurance variants, and, if I need an additional insurance, I will either order it myself or let you do that for me.

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