Logistics / terminal / warehouse

Koroter Oü offers logistics / terminals / warehouse services.

We provide ourselves and together with our partners the services of warehouse/ terminal in Tallinn, its surroundings, besides, we offer warehouse/terminal in Rakvere – Näpi – which is good for rendering services in that region. We hope that in the near future we will find the opportunities for storage in South-Estonia

In addition to goods at normal temperature, we can offer the warehouses for the temperature-sensitive goods.

The terminals play an important role in arrangement of systematic freight as without them the systematic freight would be absolutely impossible.

The aim of the terminals is, on one hand, to consolidate cargo during the process of transportation, on the other hand, to ensure distribution of the consolidated cargo into dispatches to the clients.

The terminals also deal with consolidation of the special type cargo flows. Cargoes arrive to and depart from terminal, they are concurrently distributed, consolidated along with the principal freight. Delivered dispatches are consolidated in terminal in terms of directions and sorted into freights. After inter-terminal freight, distribution freights in various directions are organized in the regions of the terminal service points, using the terminal vehicles.

Logistic services by Koroter Oü: control over amount and state, storage, sorting, marking, packaging, loading of goods, packing up the sets, distribution, forwarding, etc.

Goods issue, transfer of the packed up order to addressee in the warehouse or loading to vehicle.

We can provide some examples of the clients, who purchase our freight service

The ONIC company has got their own warehouse and vehicles – they organize the entire logistics themselves. Goods sold are seasonally shipped, and to ensure the sales volumes it is necessary to store the stock several months before the beginning of the season. Their problem is insufficient storage capacity. As a solution we offer you a seasonal storage service.

You want like to sell your products to retailer or distributor, but you have no transport or storage capacity? We shall find a solution together!

We could give a list of examples on a couple of pages, but let’s save your time. You can ask for more information – do not hesitate to contact us, and we will find you the best solution.

I like such service provider – I can carefully plan with him my deliveries in a form that matches my expectations  ! I’ll write them about my plans !

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